Marble factory COGEMAC

COGEMAC does not cease to expand its Panapolie of products.Our offer of marble ; granite; travertine; onyx; tiles manufacturing sweeps from the economic Premium ranges; medium and high quality ; to luxury lines.

Variety; availability; innovation; quality; competitive are our strengths to meet your choice.

The marble, granite, onyx, Travertine are available in a multitude of rocks with infinitely colors ;Various aspects. It’s a range of products to know well before deciding.

the company COGEMAC With its know-how is ready to guide you to the right choice.

United; veined; striated; flecked … the marble ;Granite; travertine ; onyx ;they have not only attractions for extreme hardness and exceptional durability; The huge variety of designs and colorations offer you the opportunity to choose the type of product suitable for you.

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Cogemac Marbre Tunisie